• All sorted - will be delivered by Hermes Courier sometime on Saturday - Cheers

  • hopefully got it right this time,need to go to spec-savers.
  • There is no L - as in the carol !! -

  • Sorry made a mistake with your e-mail forgot to put the word world in e-mail address resending today to is that correct.
  • Nothing come through yet. Will post soon as it does. Cheers

    - John
  • Are boxes still available,payment sent .Have you received?
  • OK doing pay pal .Please send to Malcolm Butcher Camilles 1 YORK RD Sandown Isle ofWight PO368ET.
  • Yes - still got the two. If you pay by paypal I will post (in with cost)- have to be by parcel post unless you are anywhere near Kettering area in which case could sort out something.

  • Are they still for sale
  • Sorry had troubles with lap top,if boxes still for sale will use pay pal. the £22 include the postage How sent??
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