1/6th scale Vespa Model

I recently purchased the New Ray 1/6th scale Vespa 125 as it bore a striking resemblance to my very first Vespa. To complement the scooter I scratch built, using epoxy putty a Mod in a parka to the same scale.. My first Vespa XPL 668 on which I passed my test was at first lacking any mirrors, but it did have a whip aerial with the obligatory Esso Tiger Tail and Moon Equipped decal. It now sits on my shelf (collecting dust according to my wife) but a pleasant reminder of years gone by.


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  • As the others have said, that is pretty impressive work Tony. You should think about doing it as a business.
    • Thanks Chris for your comments. Since I retired down here in the South of France I sculpt mainly military figures for museums, both in Europe and America , but it is a hobby and I enjoy the research to make sure I get the details right.. I only made the mod to go with a 1/6th scale model scooter I brought and felt it needed a figure to go with it, and it stands at about 10 inches tall. Probably too old now to start a mini mod production line, but it is worth keeping in mind .

    • Well you certainly seem to possess the requisite skills if you ever change your mind Tony.
  • If you've made that mod model it's excellent
    • Hi Carl, Thank you for your kind comment.

      Used Milliput Epoxy putty over a metal frame, a larger scale than I am used to making  but needed a figure to go with the great model Vespa scooter by New Ray.

  • Very nice work and I think we can cal it art.
    • Thanks Snow Runner, my wife calls it a door-stop!!!!!!!!

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