Young Mod, Manchester

I'm Jake and from Rochdale Manchester,

being 17 and into this lifestyle doesn't go well, is there anywhere in Manchester that would let a 17 year old in or do I have to be over 17?

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  • yeah thought so :( only need to wait until jan! might go to the hidaway club though :) cheers
  • Same shit on the other side of the pond. The majority of clubs, venues, and hell even restaurants by me adhere to a strict 21 and up policy. It's Ridiculous.  

  • The law says you have to be over 18 and if you look under 21 you might be asked for I.D. So i don't mean to disappoint you but that's how it is. On the other hand you should be fine during a daytime event. The Return of The Hideaway Club on 30th November kicks off at 12 lunch. Admission is free. 

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