• ok i,m a bit out with the timeline but poirot , but love watchin him preen himself ect.

    • Beau Brummell - Another blast from the past with an obsession for clothes!

    • A bit of a strange looking cat if you ask me David, and im not so sure about the way he has right hand against his hips either ha ha.

    • He looks like Raffles the gentleman thug from the Viz.
    • a couple of weeks ago i was a week or so overdue a haircut,i was talking to an older guy mitch in work who is in his sixties and he says al your starting to look like that guy whats his name you know who i mean, that guy wits he s face.

      so i thought here we go who is it this time. could it be one of the gallaghers or paul weller who knows.

      so auld mitch goes i know who it is its rabbie burns haha and every time i see him now its how ye doin rabbie. wish i had the same luck wi the lassies though.

    • Beau Brummell was great, especially for someone who had so much influence over King George! Anyone seen that film ("Beau Brummell") with Peter Ustinov as King George? Brilliant!

  • between rabbie and hercule poirot, totall dandy and loves his paisley scarves

  • Of course he was a mod.

  • defo a jock though , liked a bevvy,women and talked pish(im a jock )

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