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  • A John Simons 1960's style ad, by Graham Marsh...


    • I'd go along with that -'The American Way Of Pants'. Levi cords used to bag after about two wearings. Wranglers were very popular with skiffle groups, I seem to remember, because they were baggy enough (don't believe these ads) to put their baccy tins, mouth organs etc in so that they looked like they were always either going to the biulding site or coming back from it. The point is, what your wear to to work is not what you wear when you're going out.

      I don't think mod style was based on American fashion; it kind of seeped in.

    • However, at least in the bottom (pardon the pun) pic, it's fun looking for the W! :-)

    • Hahahahaha ! Oh man - did you say that ?

  • My first made to measure petrol blue, drainpipe toniks from one, aged 15 and my first BS BD and parallels from the other. Both retailers were around in the 60's and I frequented both establishments from the mid 70's onwards. Wish I was paying the prices today they charged back then...



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    • Wow, I'd love a Lambretta del mare...

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