1979 -2009, 30 Year celebration.

This being 2009 ,and 30 years since most of us older Mods were getting the revival going ,i think we should hold some sort of one off celebration to mark it .I think this would be a great time to do it ,as there seem to be many old Mods out there who would love the opportunity to meet up with old mates ,just as we have done ,but have not yet done it for various reasons .It would give us all another excuse for a good weekend out later in the year ,and plenty of time to get in touch with all those old mates who havent came yet.I would like to know what you all think .Algie.

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  • You say that now April. But you have not seen my paddington stare. Before you know it you will be saying 'Weller is god, and god is a Mod' ha ha.
  • The only reason I am going on about them Coiley, is that I know you have a good sense of humour. You will probably have the last laugh when you hear how much they are worth.

    The Jam are definitely, and always will be 100% cool mate. And anyone who says different shall be the beneficiary of a hard paddington stare.
    • you looking at me? Square go down the back then rofl
    • that was the one thing i hated about the mod revival era,every feckin band wanted to sound like the jam,what was the point in that...think small hours were the exception to that .
    • aye and the Jam were mince hahaha

      I disagree. There were bands nothing like the Jam. What about Secret Affair, The Truth, hmmm someone else come up with more

      Colin, at least it wasn't Wham hahaha
    • dont get me wrong,ive nothing against nostalgia,theres a mod revival club in belfast that is a great nite out,but unless you have a tardis your not gonna be 18 again...lol quite like these bands still...the times,the jolt,nine below zero,the jetset,fast eddie,small world,the scene,dr feelgood,the pleasers,squire[get smart lp],purple hearts,the bureau,dexys,small hours...mid 8ts bands...the truth,makin' time,the prisoners,the kick,the creeps,the clique,the reaction,jtq,the moment,boys wonder,mood six,the redskins...also the stairs,stone roses,the charlatans from the late 8ts....9ts stuff from...quant,pimlico,skooby,corduroy,mother earth,the weekenders,the prime movers,menswear,5-30...stuff from the last ten years...pleasurebeach,the solarflares,gene drayton unit,nick rossi set,frank popp,the indikation,new master sounds,stone soul picnic,trio valore,sharon jones,andy lewis,big boss man,the 5 aces,modus,mike painter,les cappuccinos,jarvis humby,eli paperboy reed,lord large,graham day,len price 3,nicole willis,amy winehouse...etc.
    • ah so you agree with me on Amy, that's good. i think she's very underestimated you know. I've already said I like Frank Popp, they really are good. haven't you listened much to daniel merryweather? Good voice there.

      I interviewed The Truth back around '83 ish, they were twats hahaha. It was in that place on Sauchiehall street, nightmoves, or was it called something else then? One of them was nice, his name was Mick, they were moving on to their next gig in Aberdeen, I think. He asked me to go with them. I didn't even think about it, no way was I going anywhere with them, but next thing another one of them was asking me if I wore sussies, jeese. Yeah sure guys, I'm going to come with you. So this Mick is saying, I promise I'll pay for you to get back home any time you like if you're not happy.

      I said bye and walked away.

      See, I do remember something lmao
    • loved this band,great live as well...
  • I am with you on that one Paul. I think they were better suited to Tears for Fears. That way they could look and sound crap without it being labelled Mod.
  • I hope you don't play the Graduate album Paul. That would certainly be fresh, as no one has ever wanted to hear it again after the first play ha ha.
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