Best front man ever?

It was recently brought to my attention that the local radio station down here in south devon  conducted a poll for best front man evaaah and the 3rd was Freddie Mercury, ok good performer but personally cant stand queen, overblown poncy nonsense in my book! 2nd was Bono, give me a break the planet saver in chief swanning off to another summit in a jumbo jet.........

And no.1 was Liam Gallagher, now I like old mono brow his attitude kinda chimes with me, but please there really is only one no.1 surely? Mick Jagger invented the whole concept of the front man and the old bugger is still at 50 years down the track!!! Come on guys and girls shout for the real talent!!

Anybody got a different slant on this?


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  • I think Alex Harvey has to be up there amongst the best 

  • I'd have to say either Paul Weller or Ian Page. Two of my heroes.

    • Sorry to say I don't think you can compare Weller and page to people such as Mick Jagger, Robert Plant , Freddie Mercury or even Bruce Springsteen . If we are really talking about front men who can work the crowd with a wave of their hand. Just being objective .

    • Ian Page talented guy but have to agree with SR, Weller, not so sure, in "front man", are we talking about performer or simply a singer, because if it is singer, Weller,s voice is pretty good, not as good as Marriott,s granted, but very good non-the-less. On the other hand, if songwriting comes into it, then Weller is up there again, not many people could pen the likes of " all mod cons", at the age of eighteen, then go on to make several more, cracking albums written by himself. yes it,s a very debatable subject. Weller however was never really a frontman to get the crowd eating out of his hand or a character on stage.

  • Sadly... a fairly obvious choice but have always been a massive Steve Marriott fan.  Absolute ace front man, not just with SF but also Humble Pie

    • There is a dearth of live recordings of the Small Faces. Most of what I've seen has been mimed to, like their performance on Color Me Pop. However, Marriott's performance with Humble Pie at the Fillmore shows what a great front man he was live. I love his opening to I'm Ready.

      I have read that some prefer the Small Faces and don't really care for Humble Pie. I don't really understand that, I like both. Listening to the late Small Faces releases like Wham Bam Thankyou Mam seem to imply that they were headed in a heavier direction anyway.

    • But they all were, weren't they. You can also forget about the Who from Tommy onwards, imo.

    • Couldn't agree more ! Steve Marriott, was a fine musician/writer and as a front man he had no equals ! Out on his own by a huge   distance ! 

  • Bit reluctant with this,  but ........ I have to go along with Jagger ! - not a massive Stones fan, but they,ve definitely had their moments ! Freddie, again  a front man supreme, but not to my taste - also( now we,re talking!!) Steve Marriott they don't,t come any better ! And not forgetting "The Boss", yep Springsteen brings It every time true talent !!

    • Fair comment re Springsteen, William seen him many times and he is superb as are The E Street Band. many other front men are good but I stand by my original comments but that's not to say I don't welcome other views I do. However I may take stick and so be it however I think Jagger, is a fraud. I don't think he is a great front man and in the true sense of the word he can't sing. What proved very fortunate for him was to hook up with four guys who could actually play in addition he achieved huge success at being supposed anti establishment yet when was offered a  knighthood he couldn't accept quick enough ! Ok nothing to do with music I acknowledge but you get my point.

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