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The members section of the site was started in June 2009 and we have now reached 3,000 members (which I think is pretty good in 3 years). The aim was to provide a friendly and constructive place, where mods of all generations could get together to swap stories, share photos and videos, and keep up to date on the very latest mod events and sounds and, thanks to all your support and input, I think we have achieved that. Cheers!


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  • yep stephen you did a great job and let a lot of old friends get back in touch and quiet a few of us have kept in touch so a big thanks stephen

  • Stephen, you really have done a great job with this site. Consider the fact that you are pretty much competing with everyone's time on Facebook, Youtube, etc. and yet still have so many people on here discussing all this stuff.

    It's hard to keep up with everything, but I blame you for making it harder to get work done.

  • well done stephen

    • I love reading up the forums and articles too, well done Stephen, it's a great site :o)


    • You're my hero.
    • Wouldn't go that far Jim lol. Great job though Stevie. 

  • Congrats, it's an excellent site. Lost several hours reading the forums and articles (and I've only been here a few days!)
    Thanks for all the work you've put in.
  • All thanks to you!

    Well done Stephen!

    IMHO, the best Mod site on the net....

  • Yeah well done on the continued success of this excellent site Mr Hughes. I may even let you buy me a pint as a thank you the next time ha ha.

  • I agree, I think this site is brilliant! Congrats on it being so successful! :) x

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