I can relate to the scene flamingo discoteqe and the mods at Margate and brighton as the Highbury were the lot that started all of that supported by Elephant Castle Hoxton they were great days real trendsetters all those real smart clothes we were the crowd that opened the door for youth fun plenty of jopbs people had money the country were carefree and London led the way great great days Ken Banham.

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  • The Highbury!!!

    • I remember you Leo with your pals Terry and Taffy Malone Terry became a very good pal of ours drinking in the Gunners. You have all the clubs right they bring back so many memories in those days we knew everyone and I still keep in touch with so many of them to this day we have a re-union every year all old mods from Highbury Finsbury Park Holloway Stoke Newington Manor House Dalston Essex Road Brecknock Cally yeah great days nothing like the 60's the country was alive with the best music clothes and of course London led the way if you went to any other part of the country they were at least 2 years behind us Londoners, you did not have mass production in those days only Carnaby Street west end and tailors like Aubrey Morris in Seven Sisters Road Highbury Corner and Dalston also Dave Wax at the Angel and Connicks at the Waste Dalston.To see 50 to 100 mods walking down the road or on street corners like Highbury Corner coffee stall or Archway Station Angel Arcade with scooters parked up and plenty of mod girls as well.

    • Kenny - They were great days. I went down with Terry to Highbury a few times over the years usually with Ted Stutter. It was sad when Terry passed on. I remember quite a few of the Highbury boys - Peter Hood, Kevin Turner, Owen Smith, Dickie Smith. Kevin Turner was a good boxer and I remember him from St Pancras Boxing Club - I know he went on to win an ABA title. Saw Peter Hood a few times over the years (City Club) and sad to hear of his passing .

    • Yeah Leo was sad Terry passed away not that old? I went to Peter's funeral he lived a few miles from me in Laindon a lot of old faces turned up Dicki Smith Paul Taylor Peter Foster Frank Warren Ray Skinner Ronnie Bullen and many many more . Do you hear from the Hubbards Tony Stubbs and Johnnie Bland? where does Taffy live I had a drink with George Freemy a few months ago he was very game fella.

    • Kenny - Terry was about 55 I think. We were born a few months apart and I had known him since I was five. A few names I remember there!

      Tony Stubbs died about five years ago - cancer again - he had been ill for some time. I believe he had moved to Essex. Quite a few of the old Archway boys did. Johnny Hubbard married Terry Malone's sister Mary and they moved out to Enfield way (Ponders End) I think? Not sure what happened to his brother. Taffy moved up to Coventry ( their old man had a pub up there for a while in the sixties) many years ago where he ran a painting business but he is in poor health with heart problems and the last I heard he was unable to get about at all. Johnnie Bland (or was is Brand) - never heard anything about him for many years.

      George Efremi - I remember George and his brother Pete well - in fact I lived at their house for a time. He was a smart guy and very game (had some great records as well!). I heard he did well for himself. He was always pretty sharp when it came to business. I have a copy of a photo of  George with a few boys from Holloway somewhere. I don't get round Holloway much these days (apart from football) as there is nobody left to see really. Strange how everybody moved away!

  • My dad came from Hoxton amd used to tell me stories about the place, as his dad was a boxer he met some great characters at home and the York Hall, Alexander Palace as my grandad fought at all of them places and my dad met allof the top fighters of the day a rough place Hoxton but the people were great just like the old East End shame all gone now

  • '63 a long time ago but i think you got it right, we had the same scene over in Ilford, great shops fantastic clothes and shoes, some great clubs. short trip to London where it all happened clothes the music London led the world

  • Yes, fantastic days Ken. I grew up just down the road from you, Essex Road, Islington. We , myself and three other friends, went mod in 1963, until 1966.

    I rode an Eddy Grimstead GS160, two others had GS,s and one had a Series 2 Lambretta. 1964 was our golden year, we did Brighton, Clacton, IOW etc.. I worked in Carnaby Street for nine months in that year . What an amazing experience that was.

    I am in my 60,s now, still riding a GS, and wearing the suits. Mod is in my soul, it will never leave me. My memories are as if it was yesterday.


    Best wishes,  Paul Grant

    • Paul, you rode a Grimstead GS, what a nice scoot, we only had rough old bikes, I remember there was one kid from the posh end of Ealing who had a Hurricane, we used to just stare at it I am sure he thought he was a bit of a face !! whatever that is.

      We were so in envy of his GS we knicked the bubbles of it the evening before we went to Brighton !! must be some old piccy's somewhere of a white GS with really nice red and chrome panels cruising the front.

      Still pass where he used to park it and can't help smiling to myself......

    • I too bought my first scooter from EDDY GRIMSTEAD a GS150 IN 1966 from his NEWBURY PARK shop.

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