I've added a Chat facility here- you'll see a 'Chat' tab at the top now - and there's a bar along the bottom of the screen showing how many people are on-line. It will give you a chance to Chat - if you want to - you can disconnect yourself from it by clicking the wee man with the green ball... But remember! Not everybody on here is a + year old from the mean streets of Glasgow - and there are ladies present!

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  • Hi Stevie, dunno if this is anything to do with the new toolbar....but i cannys seem to get online, its openin up but then going off line straight away. Any ideas?
    • how is it now? you could try to 'clear recent history' in your browser - go to Tools tab - that worked for me when i had a problem
  • i hope i got ladies present...:D
  • Hi Norrie, we were on firefox, and I can get that on my sons laptop, and the home one. but he changes his pass word all the time to stop me getting on his , and we changed to a wireless connect so My lap is through my work which has security shite on it
    • Work computers are the worst thing Andy. I can't get chat from work either.
  • Somebody help me out !
    Got the site on my Lap top now, but canny get on the chat room or the photos Vids or music just the forum mainly . but ther are to many lazy barstewards that dont do the forum so I talk to myself, and sometimes Chris. Get back on the forum ya bunch of F*****S, and help me sort all the probs of my world,and the mordern world, Chris did u put on more pics , Colin did u put on your pics, I need the proof I was cool in my cools , Truly Yours Billy the CAT
    • Are you using Firefox Andy? I find it best for the site.
  • Hi Stevie! Hi everyone else! Sorry I aint been around much but I have been very very busy lately... Still as knackered as I am, it's money in the bank!
    • Hi Alex - hope you didn't spend it all on that Czech beer!
    • Stevie, I'm saving it up so that I can be at the Glasgow Mod weekender next year. Was really p*ssed off about missing the scene club re-union & trip to Balloch - according to Mr C - ye were all Pissed out of yer heads bit having a cool time.

      I really would love to see you all again.
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