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I can relate to the scene flamingo discoteqe and the mods at Margate and brighton as the Highbury were the lot that started all of that supported by Elephant Castle Hoxton they were great days real trendsetters all those real smart clothes we were th

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12 Replies · Reply by john leo waters Aug 6, 2014

Opinions on Paul Weller?

Whats your opinions on Paul Weller? I know many of Mods look up to him as the "Mod Father" but I personally don't. I mean, I love the Jam, And what Weller has done for the community but I feel as though hes given a little too much gratitude and a lot

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43 Replies · Reply by Richard SS Sep 13, 2016

The Spirit Of '79

I know exactly where I was when I first heard The Jam - Going Underground and it wasn't sat at home watching TOTPS. We all looked at each other and went "What the f%$£!" as the whole (youth) club erupted into a skanking frenzy. Loafers, brogues, boot

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62 Replies · Reply by Kai Apr 2, 2015

New Mod In Town

Hi Everyone,

 I've loved the mod scene since my 20's (now closing in on 40), it was really a love of the clothes and music that got me interested in the mod scene.

I wouldnt call myself a mod really, just like to look sharp and I'm interested in all ge

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Have any of my fellow Mods ever done Movember before?


I'm finally taking the plunge and going for it!


I normally would never go for it, always clean shaven but it is for a good cause! My only concern is how do I keep it mod friendly? Any tips??

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11 Replies · Reply by Ben Cooper Nov 25, 2012

3,000 members

The members section of the site was started in June 2009 and we have now reached 3,000 members (which I think is pretty good in 3 years). The aim was to provide a friendly and constructive place, where mods of all generations could get together to sw

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12 Replies · Reply by Mik Paton Jan 20, 2015
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