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Poorly lammy

I'm new on here and would like to say hello to the greatest group of people the world has ever known.On other news: My gorgeous Li series 2 lammy is in need of electric help. I have the parts required and don't have the time to do it. So I'm looking

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0 Replies · Reply by Motown Jul 10, 2015


I do not understand this pre-occupation with groups such as the Herd and the Move - they were never considered as Mod bands back in the day and were everything the original Mods despised!! Pandering to the mighty dollar in their 'fashionable' outfits

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25 Replies · Reply by Sean Wallwork Jul 12, 2015

Hello All...

Im back. Ive been on the Local Mohawk and Metis reservations working with the Native American brothers and sisters. Im glad to report that a lot of the kids are turning an eye towards Mod and Skinhead lifestyles. They really loved the music I played

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14 Replies · Reply by Kai Mar 23, 2016

Mod seen; WHERE

Forget UFOs or plastic music bands (lady gaga, robbie (tap dancer) williams;

rappers who act gansta and spill the beans on everyone)

I SAW real kickass, suited and booted, cooler than cool itsself 'MODS'

in the south of France of all places

Where have yo

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9 Replies · Reply by Kai Aug 29, 2015

Any Massachusetts Mods?

Hi all, new to the site here. As you might have guessed, I live in Massachusetts, and to say the least there really aren't too many mods around here. So far on this site I have met Ms. Odetta MoneyPenny from Boston (who has been very welcoming!), and

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2 Replies · Reply by Phred Mar 9, 2015
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