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What Gig's Have You Been To?

Couldn't see a thread dedicated to live music.

I went to see The Specials last night at Rock City,Nottingham.  Good gig small venue (about 2500).  Decent atmosphere.  Was almost a very short concert with Mr Hall threatening to walk off after bottles w

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617 Replies · Reply by Kai May 7, 2020

Question about a band

I came across a band called "The Accidents" on you tube with a song called "Curtains for you". Does anyone know about this band and where I can get any Cd's or LP's from them ? They were part of the 80's Mod revival from what the details say.


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1 Reply · Reply by kevin tait Nov 27, 2014

Favourite Kinks tune?

Hello - I'm new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself :) I play in a Kinks heritage act called Absolute Kinks and I was wondering if there are many Kinks fans on here? If so, whats your top 5 kinks tunes? Mine change a fair bit but today, my to

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30 Replies · Reply by Cauê Dec 21, 2015
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