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Wow! Great music.

Hi everyone. I have just discovered Andy Lewis. And I feel bad with myself for not finding him earlier. The Andy Lewis/Paul Weller track is brilliant. The next time I get my dole?money. I will be buying the latest lp. 

P.S. I have just noticed that th

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March Mojo

Like everyone else, I bought the March issue of Mojo for the feature on The Small Faces ( which was great). Did anyone else check out article about Scottish singer, Frankie Miller? I found it to be very intriguing for many reasons. What piqued my int

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2 Replies · Reply by George O'Sullivan Mar 16, 2014


I can't lay claim to being a Jazz expert, in fact only in the last year have I been seriously listening. Apart from Miles and Coltrane I am not at the point where I can recognise players by their tone etc. All I know is that I like the sound and the

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Boplicity Label

Any Jazz fans following this reissue label which I believe is one that has been resurrected itself. The man behind the scenes is Dean Rudland from Acid Jazz and so far there have been releases by Chico Hamilton, Curtis Counce, Carl Perkins (not the r

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2 Replies · Reply by Gary D' Dec 9, 2013

Great Music from TV & Film.

I was listening to my Ipod in the car today on "Shuffle" when 2 great pieces of music came on to my car stereo. The first was "The Theme To The Persuaders" and the 2nd was "Windmills Of My Mind" by          Noel Harrison, which was featured in the cl

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