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No matter where we are on Plante Mod, most of us seem to have a sense of humour on the best and worst of days, so I thought get the ball rolling with this [iinfmaous] picture from Quadrophenia and invite you all to come up with a caption for this, I

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2 Replies · Reply by Neil Shide Sep 1, 2014

Mod Dogs and Englishmen

I've often been asked 'how can I be a mod and have a dog?' 'With extreme difficulty!' Is my usual reply, I'm on my 3 generation Boxer. I'm not for one instance putting my mutt up as the best looking mod dog. But hey he makes me look good besides ;0)

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76 Replies · Reply by Gary D' Jan 25, 2019

Bond Is 50!

Got to be done folks. The quintessential britisher, Bond, James Bond! Ursula Andress aka Honey Ryder is forever burned into my memory banks, with Halle Berry aka Jinx Johnson a close second. But hey! If Sean 'Scotland Forever' Connery or the suave Si

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