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SX150 Mela Verde?

Hi, I'm looking for a Lambretta after many years without and have the chance of an SX150 in Mela Verde - apple green.  But I'm really undecided about the colour.  It is an original colour but very bright, similar to Mr Bean's mini or the colour of sh

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Italian industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti gives a nod to the original 1946 Vespa with his concept for a sleek, minimalist electric bike. The beloved Italian scooter is reimagined as the Vespampère, with Iacchetti linking past and present for a for

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Vespa 125 TAP

Somehow I must have missed the Vespa varient in my local showroom in Southend on Sea. I think it might have been a slight deterrent to the local rockers!!!!!!3284435631?profile=original

 It is named the Vespa 150 TAP (Troupes Aéro Portées) and it’s an Italian Vespa scooter modi

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August '64

Living in Hockley near Southend on Sea  I was a Mod in the early 1960's and with many actual memories still fresh in my mind I decided to write a short story then an expanded novella of my experiences of the time leading up to and including the Secon

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14 Replies · Reply by Motown Dec 6, 2017

New Lambretta!

The "new " lambretta L70 Vendetta is previewed today 4/5/16!! It looks ok inasmuch as the "tease" picture allows you to see.Funny how the engine options are to be 50,125 & 180 or exactly the same as Scomadi hmmmm. 

So have Lambretta come up with a gen

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