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Mod Xmas Wish List


Usually someone posts this by 1st Dec. Not on this year so I will start.

Got myself a Lambretta Bargain Crombie(Yeh I know sad getting myself something!) Mod Bargain I had to Buy! Need One...Honest, that's wot I tell Her Indoors! Tru

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Casuals! Myth or Legend

I well and truly put my hand up to enjoying this period of style. For me personally, the last show of defiance in street wear before being carted off to wedded bliss and fatherhood.

Mentioned in one or two mod books and dismissed in just as many. I do

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23 Replies · Reply by Alan S Jul 19, 2016

Keeping it clean

Hi guys, what's your approach to caring for leather shoes and prolonging their appearance  , do you use leather soap ? Do you apply oil to nourish and clean the leather followed by a polish/cream , what's your take ? I ask as I come from

a back ground

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1 Reply · Reply by The Snow Runner Dec 9, 2016

Higher or lower ?!?!

Hi guys,  wondering about the hem line of your Levis or sta pressed when worn with either desert boots or shoes- do you wear say a different pair of Levis/sta pressed cut lower or higher, as it were , when wearing the boots as opposed to the shoes or

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