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What do we think of Farah clothing or Gabicci personally i like them brands but have been told by my kids i need to get with it?? with what id like to know. A nice pair of dog tooth Farah trousers and a Gabicc jumper looks nice i think?

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25 Replies · Reply by Patrick from Parka Avenue May 19, 2011

Dress Code of a Mod

A lot of posts on wots rite and wots not rite ... so lets delve in guys n gals ... wot do u think is rite and wrong ... i will start .... a defo wrong especially in Glasgow -- German Parkas ... and leace my Italian target alone please I like it ....


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54 Replies · Reply by Harry May 29, 2011

White socks?

Does anyone know if the old mods did wear white socks? Seen a few photos of them wearing them. I wore white socks with black tassle loafers and grey sta prest one night and got slated for it

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14 Replies · Reply by Jo Haywood May 18, 2011
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