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Higher or lower ?!?!

Hi guys,  wondering about the hem line of your Levis or sta pressed when worn with either desert boots or shoes- do you wear say a different pair of Levis/sta pressed cut lower or higher, as it were , when wearing the boots as opposed to the shoes or

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Belt width

Hi guys , ye, have just bought a nice 100% leather belt in black for my sta press trousers ,now its as wide as the trouser loops just allow it to ease through without straining at the stitching, - what are your opinons re a thicker belt, as mine woul

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So guys , what's with the turn-ups on Levis and would they be recommended for the older gent? What's your take ?

At the moment mine are worn with hem on the inside of the jeans, as it were .

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6 Replies · Reply by Kai May 28, 2016

Relco suits?

Hey guys, 

I saw a couple of Relco suits for sale online, and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on their quality? IS the fabric and fit any good or is there a better company to go for? 



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6 Replies · Reply by Specs Apr 1, 2017
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