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Stylish Rucksack

I am looking for a stylish yet practical Rucksack ( or similar ) suitable for travel and holidays. Everytime I look they seem to be all either Chavvy Sports Logo's or suitable for climbing the north face of the Eiger .... any thoughts?

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12 Replies · Reply by Mod Goddess Feb 15, 2016

Baracuta G9

Was wondering what peoples opniions are on the quality of these jackets, especially for nearly £300. My girlfriend just got me a burgundy one for my birthday, thankfully for the sale price off Atom Retro, and I was surprised to how thin it is and als

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6 Replies · Reply by Karl Sheldon Feb 8, 2016

Sartorial question

Morning all. Off to London in October for a weekend and no doubt will be damp. I need some outerwear, and was looking at a Harry Palmer style raincoat in Navy or Beige. I will likely be in jeans and brogues plus knitwear. So question, Mac and jeans..

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6 Replies · Reply by Mark Beasley Sep 12, 2015

M65 Field jacket

Morning all. Hope all is well. This is my first full post. I will post introduction in due course but wanted to post this morning about the M65 jacket. I am thinking about Autumn which is approaching quickly here in the UK. I am looking for new coat,

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23 Replies · Reply by Ben Maxted Oct 26, 2015
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