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Curly hair - what to do?

I have naturally tight curled hair , which pretty much stops me from most hair styles. I want to cut it short, but it springs up in to a flat Afro type style. I find it near impossible to have a fringe which works with my style and I'm currently stuc

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5 Replies · Reply by Steve Brown Aug 24, 2015

These sunglasses

Been after something like these for a while. I did ask the guy but he never replied. Anyone know what they are or know of something similar. Not ones that wrap round the face too much, if at all, the more rectangular the better. Cheers.https://youtu.

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M51 parka

Hi all, I'm new to this site, I'm will I'm 16 and looking at the minute to purchase an m51 parka but unsure of the sizes (as I know there not accurate and they should be a bit baggy etc) but I'm about a 36 chest and not very tall about 5"7 ish maybe

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3 Replies · Reply by Will shorthose May 13, 2015


Hi there,I've tried to do some research on the Minets, but it's all a bit confusing to me. I'm wondering just how they differed from / matched mods in style, philosophy, musical preferences, etc. and how these 2 subcultures influenced each other.Than

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2 Replies · Reply by frames Apr 7, 2015

Mod hairstyle tips for unruly hair?

So here's my problem: I have a very unique type of hair. It's wiry, frizzy, and sticks up everywhere. When it gets long (for me, long is an inch to an inch and a half with my hair) it's super curly and wavy, but not in a good way. Just random kinks o

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11 Replies · Reply by Kai Mar 23, 2015

The perfect collar roll

Having recently received some M2M shirts purchased online, I was happy with everything except the roll of the collar.  I did make sure they had a  larger collar but it doesn't roll that well, decent for the price though.  I was wondering if theres an

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2 Replies · Reply by Dave Davies Feb 12, 2015
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