A clean pair of "heels" .

Hi guys, what's your approach to caring for leather shoes and prolonging their appearance  , do you use leather soap ? Do you apply oil to nourish and clean the leather followed by a polish/cream , what's your take ?

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  • Always use a good pair of unvarnished full size wooden shoe trees after every use.

    I use Mink oil on all my quality shoes. left to dry over night. Then cream and lastly a good wax polish. I think the thing is to start with a quality shoe. Use only top quality polish/wax, take your time and let the products sink in. And of course put the effort in to the whole process.

    • I use Kiwi black polish on all my leather shoes including the brown ones and I have never personally felt the need for shoe trees.

      Back in the day I would use the polish, fire, water and cloth technique for my toe caps but these days I seem to get a quality shine and lustre with an over night soak and plenty of elbow grease. Maybe it's because I myself find too much accessorising and accoutrements a bit of a palaver in my old age and knowing time is short, I concentrate more on action than preparation. But hey, that's just me and if you've the time, polish away. As a clean pair of shoes nonetheless will always tell you a lot about the wearer ;0)  

    • Black polish on brown shoes? Interesting. What does that look like?

    • Not for everyone and a matter of taste Happines Stan. But for me it gives that vintage conker (as in horse chestnut) effect. 

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