A compliment to the UK people.

I was looking thru photos on this site, and lastnight I was watching a concert by the Specials over there. I wish we had Dances, Festivals, Scooter rallies, Northern soul nights and stuff like you guys got. We don't have anything here and if we do I have no knowledge about it.

Now where I live, if we was to put on something nice like that, the local beer bellied rednecks would show up to start fights, and the local cops would be in force picking trouble as well. And it would go down in the papers like it was something bad to begin with. We got too many narrow minded hillbillies where I live. And as far as my fellow Native American brothers and sisters go, they know nothing about Mod, soul, Scoots etc.. Except what they heard from me.

You guys know how to have a good time and I wish we could do stuff like that over here. So yea, I give you UK people lots of credit and respect. I wish I was over there.

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  • Duane you sound like an original dude.A Chickasaw Mod thats now sub-chief!! cant beat that!!

    Right on Duane!!

  • WELL, I found a bassist and guitarist to work with. They aint mods but they have a respect for the mod culture. Im hoping this works. Im still kind of grieving over Mike. I miss him so much. BUT I gotta Keep on keeping on. Mike did leave me his music and songs that he wrote while he and I were working on this. Im trying to organize a memorial show for him. The money we raise were gonna give to his 6 year old son.

    So other than that, im doing fine. I got elected Sub-chief of my tribe clan. We have Pow Wows lined up for the summer and Ill be making 2 trips to new York this year , so if anyone from Albany and anyone living near Fort William Henry wants to meet me and hang out, let me know.

    • I think that´s the right attitude, Duane! And Maximum Respect for that Memorial thing!

  • Thank you all. Yea, things right now are a mess. Dude left me with all these songs and I know nothing about playing keyboard, so I cant copy what he did. AND We had his wake Saturday. I still haven't got to record anything. Im takin a break and planning a road-trip for summer/ spring. Road trips cure everything.

  • Condolences MP sad to hear of someone so young going in this way
  • so sorry to hear this,thats ph....d your Christmas right up eh? Our condolences to you and Mikes family and friends,hope it gets better for you?

    Oh yeah and dont let it stop you making that music sorry to say great music comes from pain.


  • WELL, I got sum sad news. My best friend Mike and I were working on some music to try and Kick-start a Mod scene here. But now it isn't going happen.

    Wednesday December 3rd. I was trying to find Mike so we could rehearse the songs for the studio the next day, and I couldn't find him. So my friend Jeremy called me around 6pm and told me the news.

    Mike passed away. He died from a drug overdose. he was only 31. Im really upset and Im trying to make sense of all this. I knew he was using and I tried to get him to stop, but he told me he had no intention of quitting. I went to visit his Mom the other day and it turns out Mike was having a hard time. He was living in Florida for a while and he tried living a "Normal" life. His Mom told me his wife cheated on him and took custody of his son and then he lost his job because of this. So he started using down there and he came up here to start playing music again. But he was very depressed and minimized his problems to me and everyone else.

    IDK. I got all these songs and Im going to record them with the studio engineer the 27th. He plays drums, keys and guitar, so Im in the clear there. BUT Im still grieving at the moment. His full name was Michael Denver Overly. He was a father, a son, a friend ,an uncle and a damn good musician and songwriter. He was VERY talented. Im REALLY  going to miss him.

    We have a huge Heroin problem here in the states and its really sad. I have been losing friends and and right now 3 people I was in bands with.

    • Sorry to hear the sad news about your friend mate. I personally know of at least six people who were amongst the smartest Mods in Glasgow in the late 70s/early 80s who later died through heroin overdoses. A horrible drug that has been destroying lives in many countries for many decades.
    • Nothing to ad except that I, too, feel really really sorry, Duane. You sounded really optimistic about your mutual project and I hope recording your songs will bring you some peace of mind.


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