A Face or just a ticket?

Are there any Faces in this day and age?

We all know or knew a bloke who we thought was a Face. Perhaps you consider yourself one? In the 60's it was the bloke people aspired to be like, ahead of the fashion, the popular one who could pull the birds and handle himself. Billy Watts so to speak.  In the late 70's it was the one with the most gear, who could pull the birds and handle himself. Nowadays the clothes we wear on the whole are staples in all our wardrobes so no one is copying anyone. Haircuts are moot points on a lot of us or horrendous takes on the current day Weller cut. Most of us are old enough to not be overly impressed by being hard or a snappy dresser. I think there are cool guys and girls but Faces are a thing of the past.

We probably all looked up to weller at some point so he had some of the characteristics of a Face. However some pictures of him you could argue he's no longer even a Mod let alone a Face. I'm not criticizing, when you see what happened to 60's faces like Plonk, Marriott, Feld, Stewart et al, a mere few years after they stopped calling themselves Mods. I do not consider Miles kane a Mod, neither is Bradley Wiggins and Eddie piller, the jury is out on him.

Anything to add? Am I talking bollocks?

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  • Weller's still a mod just evolved and not stuck in the past.  I think it's pretty 'un-mod' to try and be like anyone else.

  • Harry Palmer aka Motown is definitely the Face among the Mod Generation lot.

    • A Gentleman and friend, I really appreciate you Kai.

    • Pleasure,  Harry! ;-)

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