A Glasgow Gang Observed - James Patrick

It's a book about Glasgow Gangs as the title suggests, set in the 1960's. A true story about a social worker befriending a gang member so he can write a book about his activities. Although the book isn't exclusively about mods, mod gangs are featured. The book describes the clothes and scooters of the time and mentions about swords being carried under the side panels of scooters.It's well worth a read if you can get hold of it.P.S Is this the book club forum I'm on???

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  • Here you go Emily, a wee discussion we had in the early days of the site
    (before it went off on a tangent) about 'A Glasgow Gang Observed.'
  • I can't honestly say I can remember what his problems were Alex. I do know he was partial to a small sherry or two, but apart from that I am not so sure what was up with him.
    • He had a skin disease or a few of them. Whenever ye met him he was always scratching himself. Which in turn made you want to scratch yerself, it took you all yer time no' to!

      Must have been horrible for the guy, right enough.

      But there was a rumour that at one of the Volunteer Centre Christmas parties in some local pub, there was a disco dancing competition.

      Robert walked across the dance floor to go to the toilet and won!
  • Yeah I do Alex. And strangely enough when Johnny Dollar and myself had a flat over on the south side Robert was in the flat above.
    • Really?

      Did he still have his problem?
  • When we worked in the Parks Department there was a guy who had lost two of his fingers in an industrial accident. When I first started I had assumed they nicknamed him 'Freddie Fingers' because he used to be a pickpocket ha ha.
    • Hey, Chris, do ye remember scratchy Robert from the Volunteer centre?
  • I have told this story before, but there are a lot more on now than there was five months ago.

    The motorbike incident was actually after the Scene had finished one Saturday night. (or Sunday morning) We were all standing around just talking as per usual when a good few motorbikes went speeding past giving everyone the peace signs, you remember how we all got on so well then. Anyway, it was not the wisest thing in the world to do as there were about 200 of us outside the club and about half that number started to run at the bikers who to their dismay had came to a red light at the AA shop. As we got near to them the lights changed and they started to take off once again. Everyone (just about) gave up apart from Wass who kept running like a man possessed, and he mangaged to grab on to the back of a large motorbike, trying to stop it. Like the bikers v sign, this was not the wisest decision and we all watched open mouthed as Wass was dragged up past central station. As we ran through the lights we saw Wass let go at a high rate of knots and bounce up the road. It is funny as hell now, but we honestly thought he would be dead. As we approached him, he seemed alright apart from being badly cut on the legs, and his trousers were in shreds. The funniest thing was that they were not his, as he had worn Shugs made to measure trousers out that night. I remember him saying 'Don't tell Shug' I was wondering just how in the name of hell was he going to hide the fact that the strides now resembled the one's that Robinson Crusoe wore after being on that island for six months ha ha.
    • 'Don't tell Shug'

    • i know this isny related to mods in anyway but that stoery Chris reminded me of a guy i knew yrs ago, he was muckin about wae his dads bandsaw n cut 3 of his fingers off ooops n all he kept sayin was " gonny no tell ma da" ha, ha.

      funny how the sickest of things knot u ova hehe
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