I feel i have to warn my fellow mod G members about the danger of buying a scooter from Vietnam! Having done so myself,much to my own detrement and expense! The scooters are being turned out with immaculate paint jobs and accessories, but with engine parts that are not fit for the scooter graveyard!

Ive replaced a f'd engine with an Andy francis stage 4 GP 200 engine and the scoot is still a f'n disaster!

They have spent more time bodging every conceivable part rather than replacing it! gearboxes filled with Engine oil and a muddle of different series parts put together in a manner that will never work! I am lucky in the respect that i can afford to put it right, but for the people who save hard on a budget to buy there dream machine it would be disastrous. You have been warned, these scoots are being advertised on ebay with FREE SHIPPING, there is nothin free!! You have been warned, i'll put it right but for everyone else''' buy closer to home!! that way you can at least chap there door or ther noses!, whatever comes first.   BE VERY CAREFULL FELLOW SCOOTER LOVING MODS!! Search on the web and you'll get all the heartbreak stories to back this up, PS there are 4 of these scoots destined for britain at this time that some one has bought to punt to unsuspecting buyers!!!!!! If any one is not happy about this revelation, im an easy guy to find.....:-)

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  • Guys, i think we have done enough to bring this point to everyones attention! Was never brought up so that members could rip into each other! Its a very emotive subject but Nuff said. Discussion not deleted,so will remain on the record. Thanx for all the input.........JP

  • No Jason, the point is that with Vietnamese restos you are starting at the bottom of the scrapheap and working up. You are trying to compare the likes of Armandos or Solely Scooters with some back alley in Vietnam, Armandos and the like select the best and restore properly, that is NOT the case in Vietnam and you know it. You are taking the mickey and you are only doing it to suit your pocket. I have raced scooters, too. I probably had the fastest road going Lambretta on the rallies in the mid 90's. You assume the mantle of scooter guru and dismiss others as know-nothing to justify selling goods that you admit you can't guarantee.

  • Sorry Jason, but you are fed up of the Vietnamese slating? So? My friend nearly died on one of the death traps, just because you make your filthy lucre out of them doesn't mean I am going to varnish my opinions! You cannot guarantee that you aren't selling scooters with hidden bodges unless you are shot blasting them. You are dicing with disaster my friend, I am somewhat amazed that you'd risk other peoples lives for money. What if one of your scooters folds in half and someone dies? You'll go to gaol...and have it on your concience forever. These scooters are NOT bargains, they are a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    • As said before use the national clubs or there forums and buy off someone with history of scoot. Invidia Scooters who robbed will get a wee visit at next IOW rally as there from the Island. I dont think coming far east is a complete no do as scooter RS are nice quality 

    • What's the point Jason? The scoot my mate bought looked nice. But the bodges were well hidden. If you want to risk putting innocent people on the road on scooters that you just admitted you can't 100% vouch for that's on your concience. I wouldn't want to be you when a cut and shut snaps in half twos up at 60mph on a motorway.

  • This pic and lotssssssssssssssss more found googling ''Vietnamese Deathtrap Scooters''

    Here is another easily spotted bodged and blinged engine! The stupid f-----rs keep using the same signature bodges. This was the way vespa's were hittin America,Slightly blinged on the outside and f----d on the inside!!

  • Pages from ''on small wheels''

  • Check out ''on small wheels'' web site and click on ''beware of these''! The vesp in question has the very same Chib marks throughout the internals of the engine,strikingly similar to the internal components of my Lammy. Same outcome : cheaper to replace whole engine,but unfortunately the owner had to pick up the bill on his own!! :-(

  • Mine was from India and not much better done less than 10 miles and engine went. Has cost me thousands to sort. Had new paint job done new engine (Stage 40 and many other parts. In LCS now and would only buy something from one of those lads or indeed LCGB. Still having Carb probs so going to have to pinch lads Vespa for Ayr Rally if cant fix it in time :(



    • Its no f'n funny wigan bhoy,when ure hard earned readies buy you this sh#t!!

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