A technical question about flyscreen...

I'm heading to buy a flyscreen for my Vespa PK (I know it's a not a scooter masterpiece, but I love my scooter!) and I was wondering if a PX flyscreen would be compatible with my PK...

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  • I had one on my PX 200 it fitted well and looked fine

  •  I have a Vespa 50 Special, and  bought a flyscreen for a smallframe....I simply googled it. Sorry I can't remember where I got it from. But think it was, Welsh scooter parts on ebay. It fits into the screw holes for  headset mirrors. 

    Probably too late to be any use. But good luck with it.

  • I remember reading somewhere that the steeringhead on a PK may look very similar to a PX, bit there are differences so a PX flyscreen will not fit the same. Or well - the differences are small so you may very well be able to mount it on there but it will not look the same as on a PX. I think anyway...;)

    If you have a look at beedspeds webiste for example it says that the chequered flyscreen will fit a PK, but if you read what models it is designed for the PK is not listed:

  • I thought you may have asked Phil. Hopefully someone who does not usually contribute to the site and who has info on the PK will help out. Good luck with the search mate.
    • Thank you Chris. I will wait for someone to confirm I can or not ;)

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    • Thank you Young Meteor. I saw these models on eBay UK, my problem is that I do want a checkered one and can't find it for my PK. So I thought of the PX model...

    • Many thanks for your time Mr Meteor. I won't give up so fast anyway ;)

  • I wish I knew with any certainty about the relative sizes of the Pk and PX headlight systems Phil. They look to be a similar size but I don't know if a flyscreen for a PX could be used for a PK. Why not call one of the shops that sell the screens, they may be able to provide you with the info and maybe save you from buying a flyscreen that may be unsuitable.
    • Hi Chris. Thank you for your cooperation. As usual if I add a thread it's because I tried everything without a result. I already called a shop this afternoon and the guy couldn't tell me. It's because these flyscreens look the same that I want to know. I also read that this model is compatible with a T5

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