• Never got into Acid Jazz, but early Rap/Hip Hop was a staple for me when younger.

    I started out with the Electro compilations on the Street Sounds label. This progressed onto the Hip Hop comp's on the same label. The early 80's was the heyday for that music and was glad I was old enough to appreciate it.

    I love stuff by, BDP, Mc Shan, Roxanne, Grandmaster Flash, Derek B, London Posse, Silver Bullet, A Tribe Called Quest and early Run DMC. I could be here all day listing stuff as there was so much good stuff!

  • I loved Public Enemy  but never got into Acid JAzz at all but was a rave DJ 93-94.



    • I love Jamiroquai esp their early stuff with Stu Zender on bass. Really liked Corduroy and BNH too...

    • Yes Patrick, Corduroy were the best of all. Liked BNH, too, in the beginnig, but they went too commercial afterwards, imo.

  • I used to hate hip-hop in high school, but have since changed my thinking. One of my fave late '80s/early '90s songs is 'Humpty Dance' by Digital Underground... great beat and awesomely funny lyrics. Many other Tommy Boy bands from back then were really good too. Again, didn't appreciate them back then. One band I did dig in those days, though, was De La Soul. They were great! Beastie Boys too, even though I didn't get into them until later.

    I did like Acid Jazz a lot though... way more than brit-pop! Used to love Corduroy, Mother Earth, and, of course, JTQ.

    Some new hip-hip is pretty good too. A buddy turned me onto MF Doom and I liked his stuff pretty alright.

  • Has anyone of the funkier heads on here seen Fred Wesley perform recently? He´ll be ´round here with the New JB´s in a month´s time and I think I´ll get me tickets on monday.

    • Wow... It'd be great to see Fred Wesley perform live. I saw Tower of Power perform live recently and that was pretty special.

    • Got my Fred Wesley tickets so I gotta unearth my JB´s anthology double-cd first thing tomorrow!

    • Oh man! Very envious.

    • About ten years ago I saw Maceo Parker a few times; I imagine  F. W. to be quite similar. Lots of old JB´s stuff, I hope!

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