• I've always liked, listened to and respected the Acid Jazz movement, as fresh today as it has ever been. Acid Jazz is a very good reflection of what mod is about so well worth investigating and/or rediscovering. As they say the choice is yours and I'm sure it won't be a bad one. 


    • NSA- one of last years best Long Players!

    • Yes indeed good album. I know some have a problem with Acid Jazz as a label. But there are some really excellent albums and artists in their back catalogue. Open mindedness is the key.
    • Right SR; to me acid jazz was a vital step to keep what we´ve come to agree to call Mod alive and interresting. Played "A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator" by Galliano and the first Brand New Heavies album to death back then

    • Yep, so much is talked about music from years gone by but nothing is more exciting than hearing good new music.

  • Like Acid Jazz. Both the Record lable and style of music. This is a good place to start.

  • Never got into Acid Jazz, but early Rap/Hip Hop was a staple for me when younger.

    I started out with the Electro compilations on the Street Sounds label. This progressed onto the Hip Hop comp's on the same label. The early 80's was the heyday for that music and was glad I was old enough to appreciate it.

    I love stuff by, BDP, Mc Shan, Roxanne, Grandmaster Flash, Derek B, London Posse, Silver Bullet, A Tribe Called Quest and early Run DMC. I could be here all day listing stuff as there was so much good stuff!

  • I loved Public Enemy  but never got into Acid JAzz at all but was a rave DJ 93-94.



    • I love Jamiroquai esp their early stuff with Stu Zender on bass. Really liked Corduroy and BNH too...

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