Adaptor trousers (Gabicci)

Anyone had a pair of these trousers from Adaptor clothing,or any other Sta-press from them,i like the look of the Gabicci herringbone ones but would be interested if anyone has purchased a pair info regarding quality/cut et,cheers,Billy

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  • Does anyone know if these Relco ones are any good?

  • just posted the pic, im modelling them , honestly these trousers are brilliant

    • £25s well ! - bargain that

    • The Gabicci strides arrrived today and very pleased with them.

  • ok, dont make the cross sign with ur fingers, but next are doing a range in cotton trousers, tapered look, very very good,i have 5 pairs now,seriously go on the website, type in chinos on the search page and u'll see them, they come in various colours - a mod essential

  • Sta press are ok bill,but the dogtooth not too clever mate! Bought 3 pairs and never wore them!

    • Are you talking about gabicci or sta press in general, John? The cut must be the same, so what´s it to to with the pattern? Still looking for a new pair of PoW ones, the Gabicci ones look quite ok!? 

    • i have found adaptor clothings sizing to be a guessing game

      after my last brush with them

      [ where i was accused of being a liar ]

      i will buy no more !

      i dont care if theyre giving stuff away

      that firm  doesnt exist anymore as far as i'm concerned

    • Hubert my other half bought me a Harrington from Adaptor for a crimbo pressie a couple of years ago,the zip knackered up after only a couple of times wearing it ,they would not refund or exchange it ,that was the first and last time i would buy anything from these lot .

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