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HI  Everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of advice on a new scooter. Having a mod life crisis I'd love an old lammy or vespa again, but with coming up to 50 and with a back and leg disability I don't fancy being in an AA/RAC van everytime I go on a run.

I'd like a modern retro twist n go (please don't flame me) looked at a few and my top of the list at the mo is a Scomadi l 125, followed by LML star 125. Or to save a few quid a Neco Abruzzi 125.

Whats your guy's views and which of you real scooter boys would be less likely to throw dog shit at me at a run or meet? also what Warwickshire/Birmingham clubs would let a plastic scoot join em these days lol.

Thanks, Tim

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  • 3298039229?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Ruby before I added some extra lights and AA Badge

    • Very nice Bob! That has a lot of potential.

    • that looks sweeeet ;)

    • Looks really smart Bob, love the colour of the panels, mudguard etc.
    • Thanks as a brand new scoot with the respray and all the extras she cost about £2700. At the last moment I nearly changed my mind and have all the Candy Apple Red panels sprayed a Metallic Turquoise which would actually have made her stand out more as there are so many Red/white scoots around

    • Stange how the scooter of MG member Ruby is of exactly the same colour scheme... :-)
    • And yet we've never met ... spooky

    • Haha, check out her pics, Bob!
  • I am on my second LML and love them. Mod purists always tell me to get a classic but I wanted an affordable reliable scooter. I bought a plain white 125 and had the Topset, Horcast, Mudguard and Side Panels sprayed Metallic Candy Apple Red, had some White Wall Tyres and a Front Rack put on and a Red Seat to match and I get many envious stares as I cruise round on her (her name is Ruby). I think it looks Mod and keeps Mod Modern and in 10 years I have only had 1 break down but several punctures



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    • HaHaHa Haaaaah, LMAO! Congratulations Frames!

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