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All my life I've been in awe of the older guys who could still pull it off; they had been around, seen so much and done so much that I hadn't. In my youth that meant the vererans of World War Two... battle-hardened men who took no nonsense from anyone, but who could still laugh at themselves. Now, I find myself in the latter years of my sixth decade, and enjoying the questionable standing of an "elder" if not exactly an "original" Mod. I wonder how younger Mods percieve us older guys...... are we just a bunch of "sad old f***ers" , or do we have a measure of respect from the current mod youth movement? Personally, I love being an "Old Mod" even more than I did a young Mod, for what that's worth.

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  • Phil Collins is a massive motown and soul fan with the music and times being very influential in his own life and career. This is perhaps his take on Ageing Mods. A poignant track and album in my mind ;0)  3297842873?profile=original

    • I have to say that I cannot stomach Phil Collins Gary and I do not think much of his take on the Dusty Springfield song. Each to their own and all that but even if he was a Mod (which i have never heard mention of) it would not change my opinion of the guy.
    • Think your right Kai seems to be alright as a person but choice between phill singing and listening to real McCoy no contest
    • Given I can't sign a note would let Phil take my karaoke turn lol
  • Yeah, thats what gets you in the end. Same with spirits, they are fine its the mixers that cause the trouble.
    • Cutting in on your conversation here, it seems a tragic irony that Sanatogen is so hard to get hold of now I really need it!

      By the way Alain, I read an earlier post of yours, and I think I was the culprit who mentioned the word "arrogance" as a Mod attribute. I should take that back and make the my point clearer; To me, Mod always meant a sort of extreme self-confidence / self-respect, the "even arrogance" part was meant to add emphasis. But in truth I have always disliked arrogance, and I suspect it often conceals deeper insecurity. So to put the record straight, I don't believe that arrogance is a desirable trait, Mod or otherwise, but I do believe that being a mod required a lot of self-respect, and hence self-confidence, which fed on itself, especially when I was younger, and enabled me to go places and do things I might otherwise never have considered.

    • I know what you meant Graham. It is not quite arrogance, which to me is a negative, but a confidence and self belief. Before I got into the Mod thing I was just an ordinary wee Glasgow ned, not condident or unconfident. There is no doubt that I gained a lot of confidence through being proud of the way I dressed and being part of something that I felt was the best scene going. For once young people I knew were talking about more than football. You would meet people and they would be talking about music, what they were planning to get made gear wise, the next night out, or the next big concert. A big change from going over to fight the gang from the opposite scheme.

    • We'll put mr c other bonus was slightly more chance of escaping slashed face by getting into mod than remaining a scheme boy
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    • Great to see you are enjoying the site and comments Andy.
    • Great responses guys! I am always nervous about posting a discussion because of the possible ways it can go, but so far it's been a really positive conversation from my perspective.

      My own experience of being older is mostly good; two examples come to mind. When I bought my Lambretta, the guy who delivered it from Texas got out of his truck, glanced at me, and before I had opened my mouth said "are you an old Mod?"

      That was a while ago, but only last week we had a snowstorm here in Indiana and I went to the local food co-op to stock up, wearing my (original) M51 to keep warm. As I was going through the checkout, one of the young guys on the cash register asked "So, when did Mod actually begin?" the following dicussion drew  several of the other guys in, one of whom toured Britain with his "Surf Band" during the late 70's Mod's moments like that which make you feel, well, ... good.

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