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    Otis Redding "Otis Blue"


    Small Faces "From the beginning"

    new on vinyl

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    lp_gfame_camdentheatre.jpgPicked these up from a record stall in  Market Harborough. 

    • Nicely done Edward. I saw Mr Barber and his big band towards the end of last year. See him if you get the chance, would be my advice.
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    some great hip hop this year, hadn't listened to any since the early/mid nineties, but hip hop's always changing and pushing forward which I like.  Shame so many bands just want to churn out derivative stuff.

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  • 9.jpgstones.pngsonbridge.jpgHere are mine.

    • I don't think I've bought any new releases just compilations. The birth of Northern soul vols 2&3 and the new religion, a great compilation as well. All 3 on the outsight label.
    • I've always looked at compilations as a bit of a cop out.  Like greatest hits albums.  I'm always reminded of that scene in Alan Partridge where he's asked 'what's your favourite beatles album'? and Alan replies 'the best of the beatles'.

    • Some compilations are rubbish l know but there were a couple l wanted on these and a lot l didnt know which l now a couple of crap ones as usual but worth it.
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