Albums of 2017

Its that time of year. I invite all members to choose their new , or  new to you albums of 2017.

Here are three of mine to start us off


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  • my daughter asked this morning what I want for Christmas. so its the stone foundation and a suprise jazz album.but i want them now .i cant wait .i will be searching her house when we go over to babysit .ive got a old cd box to replace it with. she'll never know!!!!
    • There have been some good Jazz albums out this year. But don't think we can condone theft sir. Waiting is half the fun after all.
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  • 3298088555?profile=original3298087126?profile=original3298092537?profile=original3298085263?profile=original3298087631?profile=originalNo particular order, except Saint Etienne No.1

    • Good stuff. Stone foundation in there with a great album. I hope lots of members will give us their views. After all surly Mod is about music and clothing, well and shoes of course lol
    • ... and there's been several more great albums in 2017. A very good year!
    • Absolutely Kai. I hope we are all still out buy albums. As opposed to downloading the odd song or streaming?
    • Wouldn't know where to start doing that, haha. Glad to see the Vinyl departments even in big highstreet stores getting bigger again! :-) Been to Hamburg recently where there's countless small Independent record shops, too (as opposed to one that's remained in Essen, haha...). My Nee Years resolution is to order less online and support the local trade, be it clothes, records or.... shoes! :-)
  • A very eclectic and difficult choice with so many great classic and contemporary albums to choose from this year SR. I'm going to stick with three of my favourites, all from the Modern Jazz genre, that I've really enjoyed listening to for the first time in 2017. 




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