All time favourite songs

If you had a choice of one song you couldn't live without - what would it be? This does it for me... And here's some of your fav songs: ps a guy from Port Glasgow put together this video - Craig 'cc1873cc' on youtube

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  • Mine would definitely be Lola by the Kinks followed VERY closely by What's a Matter Baby - the Small Faces version - I can listen to both of them on repeat for hours!! :0)
  • I will own up (not to the polis obviously) to being out on it earlier on Mik. But that will do me for a while. I remember both of the girls. Angie McNeill was always up in your house for a while.
  • Well remembered Mik. I had an idea she was called Ann, but I was not too sure if I was thinking of someone else. Was the Angie you were talking about Angie McNeill ?

    Good to see you on the forum Jackie.
    • Hi Chris, good to be on here though don't have much time at the moment just get on when i can.
    • Aye Chris, it was Angie McNeill from Corkerhill. Anne came from Dennistoun. Hope you weren't back oot on the scoot today - except to go up and down that big garden you've got.
  • There's only one song for me All Or Nothing, without a doubt x
  • I am not so sure Johnny Dollar. There is a bit at the top right hand side saying Paton Family Photo's, and if you just double click that it should take you in. I take it you can't remember the name of that girl Wass used to go out with Mik.
    • toe burner she was actually 12 but big fur her age haha.
    • chris was it Angie or Anne Calderhead
  • Mik, I got them, Trina looks about 13?? Great pics. Johnny the toe burnner!!!
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