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Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already had quite a few great Soul and R&B singles from my early Mod days and have often been amazed at just how good some of the B sides are on these tracks. I will start off with the B side to a record I have had since 1982. 'Mockingbird' by Inez Foxx was the first record released on the British Sue label in 1963 (as far as I am aware), as well as the main track being superb the B side called 'He's the one You Love' is fantastic too. So what are your own favourite B sides to these crackin records.

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    'Sunny Honey Girl' by The Direct Hits, the B-side to their 1982 single 'Modesty Blaise'.


    'Christopher Cooper' by The Direct Hits, B-side to their 1985 single 'She Really Didn't Care'.


    'Tales From The Riverbank', the B-side to The Jam's 1981 single 'Absolute Beginners'

  • My favourite Jam single Down In The Tube Station At Midnight has this superb Who song on the back (along with the Night)

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    The B-side to Dave Clark Fvie's Bits n Pieces...

  • Earlier today I took advantage of the decent weather and took a trip into Glasgow city centre. As I always do on such trips I went into a second hand record shop to try my luck. Amongst the haul was a copy of the Elgins classic Motown track 'Heaven Must Have sent You' a record that I already have but found it hard not to buy again for £1. The  one with the great b side is by a great soul singer called Joe Simon. I have to admit ignorance on all matters Joe Simon although I may have heard his name mentioned somewhere thus the splashing out of 50p on the 1973 track 'Step by Step.' When I got the record home and played it, it was a record I had heard before, no doubt at a northern soul night in the past. It is a brilliant record and is easily available for under a tenner, so no great money. The b side 'Talk Don't Bother Me' is really good too so it must come out as one of the best half a quids I have ever spent.1576565829?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Received my latest 45 purchase this morning. 'Black Night' by Arthur Alexander is a fantastic R&B record from 1964 that I have been looking to buy for a while now but had not seen it at a decent price. I managed to get a copy  in great condition for less than twenty quid so I am over the moon at that. Even better news was when I played the b side called 'Ole John Amos.' It is totally different to the a side but is really good and well worth looking out.1283380449?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • A great find Chris. That A side is spot on! The harmonica is blazing mate... Not 100% on the b-side but will give it another go, on another day. That a-side is a hard act to follow ;0)

    • Yeah the A side is truly fantastic Gary. I really like the b too but realise it may not be everyones cuppa.

  • Sydney's own The Allusions with Fever (Burns in my Brain)

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