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Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already had quite a few great Soul and R&B singles from my early Mod days and have often been amazed at just how good some of the B sides are on these tracks. I will start off with the B side to a record I have had since 1982. 'Mockingbird' by Inez Foxx was the first record released on the British Sue label in 1963 (as far as I am aware), as well as the main track being superb the B side called 'He's the one You Love' is fantastic too. So what are your own favourite B sides to these crackin records.

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    • Cheers Paddy!

      I met Normie last year as he was in Ballarat doing a gig. It was the second time I'd seen him. I would have loved it if he sang that, but he didn't. :-( Still had a blast and tooka few photos.
      Leo, a friend of mine here, like Normie, was a Vietnam Vet and I took a photo of the both of them shaking hands.
  • The latest purchase with a good b side came through the post today. It is called 'I Don't think So' and is by The Shirelles. It is a nice wee track despite sounding like 'Mama Said' in parts. Even stranger, the A side 'Everybody Loves a Lover' sounds almost exactly like Barbara Georges 'I Know.'
  • Australia's own Normie Rowe covering "I Just Don't Understand" with a bit of a garage sound to it!

  • Bought a couple of great records this week and unlike most of the recent one's they have very good b sides. The first one is by the Ronettes and is the b to 'Born to be Together'. It is callled 'Blues for Baby' and some cite is as being a solo by Ronnie Spector rather than the Ronettes. Either way it is very good and well worth a listen. The other one is the b side to Tina Britt's 'The Real Thing' and is called 'Teardrops Fell.' It is an excellent track despite sounding slightly like 'Gonna Work Out Fine' in parts. Yet again well worth checking out on youtube or somewhere else.
    • Great song there Gary. I had never heard of the track or the artist but even hearing it for the first time its really good.
  • Some superb R&B and bluesy blues courtesy of 'Scat Man' Crothers, The Pelvis & Ms Kitty.

    Nothing that I own, I just enjoyed tracking them down and love listening to them (a guilty pleasure of being a big Elvis fan since the age of awareness).

    • Really like the Scatman one Gary and the first Elvis one sounds quite familiar, as in a total rip off of Little Eva's 'He is the Boy' ha ha. Due to that it sounds okay which to me is saying something as I am not exactly an Elvis fan. I do really like 'Suspicious Minds' but there are not many of his records that I would care to own.
    • Lol. You wash your mouth out Elvis is King! ;0) Seriously, his music is not my cup of tea now but as a wee lad, I was mesmerised by his live shows on the TV. Any man that can get women (or men, so I've heard) to take their knickers off and throw them at you just by singing, deserves some form of respect... Rock&Roll or R&B baby, as the case may be.

      That Scat Man Crothers is an acquired taste perhaps but well worth investigating. I'm after one of his albums in particular at the mo, which is proving quite difficult to track down outside of the States. Glad you enjoyed at least one track anyway Chris. Elvis Lives! Ha, ha, ha. 

    • I remeber after Elvis had died one of his fans wrote the classic 'Elvis Lives' grafitti on a wall somewhere. Someone who had a sick sense of humour wrote under it 'Pity they buried the poor bastard then' ha ha
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