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Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already had quite a few great Soul and R&B singles from my early Mod days and have often been amazed at just how good some of the B sides are on these tracks. I will start off with the B side to a record I have had since 1982. 'Mockingbird' by Inez Foxx was the first record released on the British Sue label in 1963 (as far as I am aware), as well as the main track being superb the B side called 'He's the one You Love' is fantastic too. So what are your own favourite B sides to these crackin records.

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    • Recently watched the George Harrison documentary Living in the Material World which inspired me to relisten to the All Things Must Pass album.  Many great songs there including the above.  The documentary is nearly three and a half hours long so probably should be classified as die hards only, although I’m sure there are plenty of us out there. 

    • Will maybe put a bit of time aside and look at it Scott. He was certainly a very talented guitarist and song writer, and a bit of a character too by all accounts.


    The B-Side of 'Take Me To The Water'. Sadly, this record is incredibly expensive.

  • My latest purchase 'I'll be Loving You' by the Soul Brothers Six has a great version of 'Some Kind of Wonderful' as the b side. I ended up paying £25 for it but it is good value especially when both sides contain great tracks.

  • NZ's Dinah "Queen of the Mods" Lee with her cracking version of "He's Sure The Boy I Love" filmed here at Sydney's Luna Park in 1967.

    • That is a very decent version of a song that i really like MG. I have a copy of the original one by Darlene Love, and saying that I think her voice is fantastic I would still prefer that version to the Dinah Lee one. Very good none the less.
  • Another Solomon Burke worth a listen here. Maggie's Farm, flip side of Tonight's The Night.
    • Great song Motown and a fanastic singer. I have two of his 45s in my collection 'I'm Hanging up my Heart for You' and 'Cry to me.'
  • Bo Diddley ep I was on about, flip side. I can Tell
    • That is a cracking record Motown. Never heard it before today but really good.
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