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Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already had quite a few great Soul and R&B singles from my early Mod days and have often been amazed at just how good some of the B sides are on these tracks. I will start off with the B side to a record I have had since 1982. 'Mockingbird' by Inez Foxx was the first record released on the British Sue label in 1963 (as far as I am aware), as well as the main track being superb the B side called 'He's the one You Love' is fantastic too. So what are your own favourite B sides to these crackin records.

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    • It's a great tune, for sure. My favourite is Thief Of Baghdad, along with Poppies In The Field and Second Head being big highlights.


    My favourite song of all time.

    • It is a fantastic song Matt and always reminds me of some incredible days that we enjoyed back in 81 as young Mods.

  • No Barriers to this fab B-side from 1968... UK freakbeat band The Barrier from Fulham...

    • Being the beach bum that I have now become, this track is right up my street! This is going on my surfing playlist for summer... Great post Becs ;0)

    • You've haven't been to our beaches in Victoria, Gaz! However, considering it's been an excruiating summer at the moment, I wouldn't blame you for wantingvto stay indoors... :-) Glad you liked the track!

    • 880326923?profile=RESIZE_930xThat is a really good track MG, and one that I have never before. I have also never even heard of the band so it is always great to hear something new. I have been buying a decent amount of records recently but the b sides have mostly been not anything great. One exception to that rule is a record i bought last week by Fontella Bass and Bobby McClure. The A side is brilliant and is called 'You'll Miss Me.' The B side is every bit as good as far as I am concerned and is called 'Don't Jump.' Well worth checking out on youtube or some similar place.

    • I thought the same as I only discovered earlier this week, also...

    • Great find Becs, well done.

    • A superb track Chris. Anything with these two on is sure to spark interest. A great collaboration and post mate ;0)

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