I know...I know there are those older whom hate them and those younger who will ask what is a b-side...!!


But for those on the scene at the time let me whet your apetite....


Liza Radley....Carnaby St,,,,Dreams of Children...Shopping... Aunties and Uncles...Disguises...Pity Poor Alfie....Back in My Arms Again..Tales of the Riverbank...So Sad About Us...A Bomb in Wardour St....


Wats your favourite and why? What were you doing at the time?



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  • Butterfly collector.....fantastic....smithers jones....ace......To be honest though as a Jam fan I can not think of a single B side that was crap!!

  • Max

    I have that - it was a real boost at the time - and the single went straight into no 1 at a time when there was real competition - as opposed to now when Ceryl Cole does it selling 8,000 downloads.


    I remember it has Away from the Numbers and Tube Station on but haven't played it for a long time.

  • i would agree with liz ,love tales from the riverbank ,even though its not about hammy hamster, crackin song

    • Strange one that Gem - sort of psychedelic for the Jam.

    • My fave track's by The Jam are the psychedelic one's "In The Crowd", "Tales of The Riverbank", "Butterfly Collecter" and "Sound Affects" is one of my fave two Jam albums. [The other one being "The Gift".]

  • See Saw, love the riffs, and power chords, one of my fave Jm]am tracks

    • See Saw - don't know it - what is that from Graeme?

    • b-side of eton rifles, great tune, funny but I prefer it to the a-side now.

  • Butterfly Collector, Tales from the riverbank and Precious, are my faves, can't say which one I like more than they other.

  • Butterfly Collector for me too

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