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Hello. Can I introduce my little London club night Rock'n'RollSoul? We've been going for eight years but are shortly to move to a new venue, The Phoenix on Cavendish Square, just five minutes from Oxford Circus.On our opening night, Fri Sep 25, you can get down to a DJ set from Lack Of Afro, who you might know from their Marriott-mangling Touch My Soul, plus former Blow Up! man, Acid Jazz recording artist and Paul Weller's bassist Andy Lewis.Keep checking our site for more news, including October's lineup, an Acid Jazz reunion between Eddie Piller (who should need no introduction) and Stuart Kirkham (Happiness Stan's, Soul Cure).

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  • We're fairly new to Facebook and all that. But you can register your interest, hook up and talk about the night here:
  • I have Andy Lewis and Paul Weller's 'Are You Trying to be Lonely' and it is a belter of a track. I have to be honest and say that I would not have recognised him right enough. But the sets were really good at Friday Street last time around.
  • Was it not Andy Lewis that played Friday Street last week, maybe I'm muddled (wouldn't be a new thing that, lol)
    • Yes, the very same. He's a top chap. Bass-player for Weller, and also made a record with him last year based on a song Weller wrote as a teenager. He was one of the original DJs at Blow Up! at the Laurel Tree and also did Blur's entire Parklife tour. His regular date is at Caino Royale in Camden but he DJs all ober. Very excited about it - especially as Lack Of Afro's red hoy right now, too.
    • Andy lewis was excellent at Friday Street, he was well up for it! Every chance he got he was up dancing with the rest of the crowd , Coiley recognised him from the off. But I still think Ford Kiernan is more famous than Andy Lewis, so I am still 1 up on the Famous mod thread, April back me up here .
    • No offence meant her at all. i didn't even know who Andy lewis was, wee Jim was going on about him though. I will say that Ford is a welcome addition to the scene as he's into the same auld music as us :)

      Andy mate, yer backed up as always. I'll haud yer bag while ye fight, I'll haud yer herr when yer pukin, you're covered pal ;)
    • Yick, I've just noticed my typing in the above. Should of course say "Casino Royale", "DJs all over", and "red hot". Andy also used to do an ace radio show on Soul 24/7 but that's now defunct, as is Piller's show on Q Music. Anyone got any good recommendations for soul/funk radio shows besides Craig Charles, Mark Lamarr, James Addyman (Radio Leeds) and the don, Mr Finewine (WFMU)?
  • hi martin,welcome to the site,i know eddie piller very well,infact since the 80's .will be in london for the small faces convention,anything going on then at your club
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