Angie the Mod

Angie Sneddon is one of the faces of the Glasgow Mod scene - she was there through all the highs and lows - and luckily for us she always had her camera with her. I made this wee video as a preview of some of the images Angie captured of the Glasgow Mod scene - and as a tribute to Angie the Mod herself. The post on the main site is here:
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  • Angie, this is just great. Because MOD is about the people who made it.. Thanks for sharing!

  • Crackin vid.

    Good to see a lot of old faces . . .

  • Angie was my hero when I started hanging about the Barras - love her!! :0)
    • Haha, just had a wee browse and came accross this thread. Nowt's changed with Angie, i'm usually in the company of Angie her mate Leslie most weekends attending Mod/R&B events and glad to say she is still snapping away....  Top girl! God bless you Angie. :-)

      PS: Still takes her weeks to upload them. LOL

    • Your like a Vespa 50 Special Graeme. You may not get there too quickly but you will get there in the end ha ha.

  • Angie, my memory is terrible (I dont even reconise myself), the Oracle (Chris C) might know the names of the girls? Great oics by the way.
  • I'm sorry to say that I do not recall any of the girls in that photo at all Angie. But the other guy alongside Skeeny and Gowny looks like Dougie Mackie from Brigton.
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