• Helloes Andrew, and I see, thank you for the link to the channel; seems to have a vast amount of epic music that i'll give a listen to for sure.

  • I knew you would come through for the lady Andrew!

  • In addition to the bands already listed, try listening to:

    Downliners Sect

    Graham Bond Organization


    Long John Baldry & The Hoochie Coochie Men, (Long John's Blues LP)

    The Eyes

    Chris Farlowe

    The Poets

    The Pretty Things

    Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated

    Cyril Davies & his R&B Allstars

    Herbie Goins & The Nightimers

    Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band

    I hope you enjoy these bands. All the best, David.

    • Thank you so much for the list! XD Will take me a while but i'll certainly attempt to give all of them a listen!

      Thanks random dude! ^-^

  • Hi May,

    There are loads of bands from the 60's that are in one way or another of interest to mods.

    A few I can think of off the top of my head are....

    The Action, The Birds, The Creation, The Artwoods, Les Fleur De Lys etc etc.

    Probably best to advise the kind of thing you like and we can suggest similar bands?



    • Helloes Glenn,

      Oh? Thanks dude for the list; i'll totally check some of those out,

      Erm i'm quite into the alternative motion of the 80s in the main part tbh; some rock-ish stuff of the 60s like the Stranglers and Beatles (although the Beatles are a tad pop-ish), the Kinks, Who, but jazz is a definite disregarsive subject in my personal preference

      Thank you kindly for your response! >w<

  • If you mean that you are looking for some "more inconspicuous" 60s bands, then im sure that many members can point you towards less well known groups and players. There are a vast number of R+B, Garage and surf artists to be found. Or you may like to take a look at the Blues and Jazz side of things. Have a sift through the Vids on here, im sure you will find much of interest. Also there are a few current bands that are keeping the flame burning. Good luck May.

    • Thankidoops; that rather helped really ^-^ thanks again

    • You are most welcome. Have a look at some of the Vids by Retroman / Andrew Harris. He puts up some very interesting things. Stranglers, my fav. would be "Skin Deep"

    • ooh will do ^w^ And omg. I love that song. Just so lovely >w< My favourite at the moment would be "Outside Tokyo" - just so ethereal almost in the way it casts the essence of an endeamour almost; also reminds me somehow of the film Blade Runner... XD

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