Any difference between Ivy League & Mod Shirts?

Have to say I'm a complete Noob when it comes to Ivy league, I understand the diffences in styles but as far as shirts in particular are there any differences? as I see mods opting for ivy league shirts all the time, yet i read on here about someone disliking ivy league shirts.

So what are the differences?



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  • So, growing up in the U.S. (Read as need everything bought here to be tailored), I basically have had similar issues with sizing. I always ended up buying Ben's or Fred's button downs, till I found the collars getting shorter and shorter. I have broader shoulders and a larger neck so the modern tiny collars make me look ridiculous. Now as for brooks, there extra slim fit has done wonders for me. But I do lean towards their pinpoint or end on end fabric, more so then I do the Oxford cloth. I find the Oxford cloth to not look as smart with a tie or jacket, and feel it does not tailor as well. Your best bet is to find a tailor, who can alter your vintage finds. As for newer shirts as well, suit supply has been my go to shirting for a while now. Clean crisp fabrics, nice cuts, in house tailoring. All depends on money.
    I think when we see all these great old pictures, or pictures of our current mod icons, we most remember that we shouldn't always be perfectly imitating them. Sometimes the best way to look the smartest you can, is to dress for your body shape and understand it. That's how you looks smart that's how you stand out in a crowd. For instance I do not look good with skinny lapels, I feel like it's a mod don't but wider lapels and medium sized peak lapels look best on me.
    • Oxford cloth isn't classed as a cloth for a dress shirt, neither are BD collars. For me an OCBD looks really out of place with an anglo shouldered suit or coat. Its just not crisp enough. A soft shoulder it looks great with bcause it marries up so well with that sloppyish, relaxed look. Not that I'd be seen dead in a sack coat, but soft shouldered decon Italian coats with an OCBD and knit looks really nice. TBH I've still to see a modern American maker produce a collar on a BD shirt as good as many Italian makers do or a soft shouldered jacket. The heritage of Ivy is very over played in modern American clothing. Apart from Mercer does anyone even make a 6 button front shirt any more? 

    • You reminded me, and now I am searching through old links right now to find this write up I had saved of an Italian shirt maker that still is hand seeing his sleeves to the shoulder on shirts. Beautiful beautiful work, and his collars are large but look so perfectly soft.
    • Many shirt makers in Italy still follow the traditional hand attached and finishing custom. I believe its sleeves, collars, gussets, buttons and holes and shoulder seams. These companies range from very small like Inglese or Santillo to Kiton, Barba, Attolini, De Ruggio ect. There are many makers that'll completely make a shirt by hand if you so wish. As you say Thomas, its beautiful to see hand made seams. Though of course its lost on most people. Its pricey but cloths and workmanship make it worth it IMHO. I'm always on the look out online for a bargain. 

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    • Judging by the photos you keep posting of yourself Dr. Feelbad, I would say you haven't much in common with the majority of mods I've seen ha ha ha!
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    • 3297815691?profile=RESIZE_1024x10243297957493?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Ah, tut tut, Frames; a man of style never wears his Madras Shorts without socks!

    • Giving up such elegance can never be matched. Tried to adopt the look around the streets of Glasgow but the local chaps got really jealous and beat me up every time I sported the look. Explained to them they to could look as elegant but this just made the beatings worse.
    • 3297957089?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Oh lá lá!

    • The yank dickybow is so cool think it would go with everything
    • now now Dr play nice.

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