Anyone been to Budapest?

As the topic says - any fellow MG-members who's been to Budapest? Going there for a weekender next thursday to friday, hence I am looking for places to go, things to see and stores to visit (clothes, vintage, vinylrecords etc). Any pointers?Note that we're bringing the kid, so not likely we'll go clubbing. Eating out or a beer or two at a nice pub might not be out of the question though. ;)

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    • That's probably because there is none. ;)
      Bad choice off word on my behalf - didn't mean a weekender in that sense, but a weekend trip.

      I actually managed to get in touch with a guy who runs a Facebook-page called "Budapest Mods" and even he turned out to be from Spain, had only lived there since a couple of years and did most of his shopping and clubbing in Vienna or Madrid. His reply was basically "well, there is this one pub that is sort of british styled". Haha!

      Great city in most other aspects though! Beautiful big and old, but run down in a pretty charming way, buildings, nice people, great prices on food and drink. And most of all the thermal baths! We stayed at a very impressively styled hotel built in the 19th century called Hotel Gellért, which, as it turned out when we got there, was Wes Andersons inspiration for the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Very cool. Plus it was attached to ancient spa/thermal bath that you could enter for free through a separate entrance from the hotel.

      Highly recommended, apart from if you want to go shopping (and apart from their views on immigration of course). I came home with nothing but a Portishead LP and the record store day reissue of Tom Jones Chills And Fever 45 that I bought just for the sake of it. Hopeless to find interesting clothes, except for Vass shoes that Snow Runner mentioned below. And believe me - I tried hard! Haha!

  • How about a visit to Vass shoes? Shops in the centre of Budapest at Haris Koz 2. And 6. Some of the world's best hand made beauties.
    • Thanks for the tip! Great shoes indeed. I was so tempted to take a pair home with me.

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