anyone in to oi music

being a mod dj i dont know much about oi music apart from ,stiff little fingers,cockney rejects,sham 69,i need a bit of help because im djing a scooter ralley soon and need help with some cds cheers

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  • Hi DJ Louca, I wouldn't class those you mention as Oi. I don't know much about Oi - and don't want to even go there! But I was a little surprised that you feel this would be played at scooterist rallies. Based mainly on reading Scootering mag regularly since 1985 I formed the impression that a minority of scooterists listened to this but back in around 1986 rather than now. As a mod I have never attended a scooterist rally only mod rallies. However I know scooterists, have been in scooter clubs over the years, and have DJed at scooter club do's (but not for 10 years now).  I recommend going to a scooterist do for research. - I attended a local scooter club do (with Scooter rally DJs) earlier this year as I want to join a scooter club again and wanted to check out what was being played at a scooter club do. I was expecting northern soul, ska and 2-tone based on previous experiences but made a prompt exit when towards the end of the night the DJ played modern dance/trance type music (don't know exactly what it was but didn't like it). Northern soul and ska was what had been played in the majority earlier in the night.

    Many scooterists dance to northern soul, ska and 2-tone. Also there are some scooterists who are ex-mods.  I’ve found scooterists tend to prefer the more commercial end of northern soul - tracks such as MVPs - Turning My heartbeat Up, Melba Moore -  Magic Touch etc. Here are a few tracks I remember scooterists dancing to at the do in February. -  Red Light Spells Danger - Billy Ocean, The Night - Frankie Valli, Do I Love You (indeed I do) - Frank Wilson, A little Bit Hurt - Julian Covey, Night Club - The Specials, Town Called Malice - The Jam, Hersham Boys - Sham 69 and some early 90’s ‘baggy.

    Hope this helps.

  • Well said Jason love SLF and real skinhead music. Love to see real skins who care about there appearence as much as us. Oi in my humble opiion is far from skin head music and seen first hand the racsist scum that enjoy this crap. Our scene is so open to race and creed from its very beginings and proud to be part of it. Off to wake my lazy kids (supposingly on study leave!!) with some loud Howling wolf blasting out!!!

  • There is Oi! and there is RAC. Listen to the lyrics to distinguish which is which. Otherwise it sounds very similar.
    • PK Bird - I know what your on about. RAC is 'Rock Against Communism', Skewdriver, No Remorse and all the 'Blood and Honour' fascist lot. Not the sort of thing i'd ever want to listen to.

      As for the a lot of Mods it's just shouting and a lot of people will have trouble trying to work out what they are saying anyway. There are Anti-Facist Oi bands. Always have been but i don't see many Mods being into it. As Cally has already said...try playing the stuff when your and see what happens.

    • There are Anti-Facist Oi bands. Always have been...

      Ah, but were you there?  Apparently "being there" and following the hype of the day means more than educating oneself.  That's why I threw out all my Morrissey and Smiths LPs when I first noticed people on the Internet "who were there" talking about how the man is some sort of pathological racist!  I mean, I've never made excuses for some of his ill-thought ideas spouted in interview, but apparently "being there" at Madstock or something is far more valuable information than examining the context of certain ill-thought quotes (from just a few years ago) about animal liberation.


      Sorry for the sarcasm.

    • Likewise Gordon- no thanks to RAC. Nice pic BTW!

      Dear DJ Louca, I am not a dj but if I were I would want to know what the music I am playing is all about. "Shouting" or not (haha), if the song sings about going to a pub, hanging out with friends, or about a beloved pair of brogues you're all good!
    • Thank you PK Bird.

  • NOPE!

  • Hi DJ Louca

    If you want to dj in all styles to make some money then do it but advise the people who are booking you that you don't have oi etc only mod.But watch the reaction when you play oi mind yer decks and records.

    Other wise if it ain't mod don't touch it and oi defo ain't mod or ever will be fella.I've done lots of scoot do's unless they bring some cds in for you then don't buy any oi or other styles etc to please others,it'll cost you in the end to have stuff in your collection that you wouldn't listen to at home.I have played music i don't like at scoot do's but only to keep the peace especially when people have brought in a certain track to dance to.

    Hope this helps abit

    • Ruadhán, you just made the point that you previously argued against! It's dialect. I think that 'pants' is underwear in most of the UK, but trousers in America. Define for me, the phrase 'chin up'?

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