• Trainers are not in general well thought of (Yes I wear them).....In the right situation...goin to the shops /walkin the dog etc??? I have some Adidas and Gola, I remember well also the Casuals wearin Adidas trainers at the time!

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    • What about Adidas Woolworth Alan ? Well that's what my Mom use to say they were ................

  • I have a couple of pairs of Adidas Japan which were worn by the Small Faces and Weller. They only come in a couple of colour: white with red stripes and a burnt orange. They are not available though and are expensive 2nd hand off ebay etc £60-£90. Adidas Siagon or Italia are a little cheaper usually but again would really have to be 2nd hand. Anything else is a bit iffie in my opinion. Good luck. Tony B.

    • Those Adidas Japan must stink. Did ALL the smallfaces wear them before Weller?

  • This is all bollox-all blown out of context. you should just do what feels right for you. Age plays a factor and what the occasion for the outfit on the day is,but following an ideology like mod like some people do on here isn't for me. The idea for me is to go with what feels right for you. You the individual, but use ideas and tips to create your own mark. A 60 yr old in a pair of Adidas originals probably going to look less cool then when he was 20- but with the correct attire and weather occasion etc he can look and feel as great in his originals as in his hey day!!
    • you got there buddy so right,its up to the person not the mod code book

    • Please could you tell me where I can get the Code book. So that I can improve my education and knowledge. Especially regarding quality footwear.
    • I take your point Gavo; I would love a red white and blue pair of Jam bowling shoes, but actually decided on a pair of (wait for it) white "Cobbies Cuddles" ..... go on, laugh your arses off, but I am a senior citizen, after all!

      In fact they are modelled on a bowling shoe but are designed to be worn by the elderly and confused mod, for chasing the old ladies around the nursing home.

    • Yes just feels like some veiws can come across quite pompous. I hardly think lewis is or anyone else with style would wear a pair of trainers on night out over a cracking pair of loakes etc.
    • Even the male ones Frames? WHICH reminds me of the story of the doctor who was lecturing to a bunch of nursing home residents and staff on the benefits of execise in the elderly .....he had made the point that squezzing a tennis ball several times daily could reduce the risk if wrist fractures by 50%. He asked if there were any questions, and an old Mod raised his hand, glanced whistfully at a young female nurse standing nearby, and said: ''Yes..... does it HAVE to be a tennis ball?"


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