August '64

Living in Hockley near Southend on Sea  I was a Mod in the early 1960's and with many actual memories still fresh in my mind I decided to write a short story then an expanded novella of my experiences of the time leading up to and including the Second Battle of Hastings.

Most is based on fact  of what happened in 1964, and the main character is based on me and my friends, including my best mate who was a rocker.

I spent a lot of time in the Harold Dog which was my main hangout and did attend Southend College of Art and Technology for my A levels.

The story follows the build-up to the August Bank Holiday 1964 and some total fiction that has some basis in fact., and is available from Amazon Kindle at  £1.99

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  • Just finished reading it.  Greatly enjoyed the anecdote and refreshing slant from the source.  Highly recommended.  Only took a day to read.  Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Thank you for your kind comments and I am glad you enjoyed it. Can you put your comments on Amazon?

      About 95% of the story is based on my own experiences and the Russian girl  is a  pure figment of my imagination.

      It was originally written as a short story but expanded as more memories came flooding back to a novella size.

    • You got it. It’s up now. Five stars. Your batting one thousand!
    • Thank You Scott for posting your comments on Amazon, I appreciate that. Tony

    • Would like to hav a read Tony, not got a Kindle! Lived in most of my Life in Southend myself from 1982-2006.

    • Hi Steve, if you have a computer or tablet you can download a free Amazon Kindle ap that would enable you to download and read my August '64. If this is not possible for you I will find another solution for you, maybe a PDF file.

    • Reckon the PDF is the one? Did you hang out Shades Café on Southend Seafront? Did you go to the Italian Tailor that was near Chalkwell Park on London.Rd.

    • Hi Steve, Spent more time in the Harold Dog in Southend than the Shades during 1963 1964, didn't have loads of cash but did spend my money in Harrry Fentons in Rayleigh High Street for my Ben Sheman shirts, and my mum was a royal court dressmaker who could make me any style I wanted and she worked for Hardy Amies ( a designer in the 60's, Saville Row ) so I had all the latest clothes I needed and she could make my girlfriends the most up to date Mod dresses just by watching the TV and cutting out a pattern from a newspaper and making it that night, the rest of my money went on my Vespas (chroming the bubbles etc).. Re the PDF I will need your email address so that I can send it to you.

    • Yes would love a read, too, but I prefer the printed word... any chance of an old school book release, Tony?
    • Hi Kai, Sorry not in paperback form at the moment but the possibility of sending you a PDF file version for you to print out if that would be of any help???????

      I would really like for you to read it and for your comments. Quadrophenia this ain't but more the every day trials and tribulations of a Mod during 1964, basically about 95% true from my own experiences and 5% pure fiction.

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