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Ok even before you have read my post, the title of this discussion is already making the true mods and scooter boys foam at the mouth. I know it is sacrilege but for reasons that I won't go into I am looking to get my first ever scooter (at the age of 43) and it has to be an automatic,125 cc with around £3,000 budget. Primarily I'll be using it to commute short distance to work and for nipping out for a quick run around on sunny afternoons. So if you have got this far in reading this without the urge to track me down and publicly humiliate me I am looking for some advice. In an ideal world I would love a 60's Vespa GS as an automatic (those curvy sensual lines are just so alluring). Having scoured what's out there in terms of automatic scooters that still pay some homage to MOD styling (albeit some dodgy quality and brands) I have the following options :LML star 125Necco abruzzi 125Lambretta LN 125Vespa PX 125Ok I know the above list has probably made most of you laugh hysterically or want to send someone round to knock some sense in me, but at least I'm honest in my naivety. I have also come across a couple of websites that 'convert' PX's with replicas body kits of GS's and was wandering is that a better option.So there you have it...tell me what you think, your folks advice is truly respected and before I make a right tit of myself and buy something that will mean I will get laughed off the road by the scooter bourgeoisie, I am hoping you will point me in the right direction.

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  • I`ve only ever had one scooter in my whole life, I was 16 years old and it was  a Lambretta  GP, courtesy of my brother-in-law who upgraded to an SX, I believe the GP was a 1968 model, resprayed by my brother-in-law in racing green with gold GP decals. Sadly I spent more time pushing it than riding it, so I sold it for pennies, past my driving test and bought a mini  1275 GT instead, regrettably in Russet brown, because I didn`t want to wait for a better colour to come along. Saying that recently I have considered buying another, not a classic however, because the are just silly money now, maybe an auto for no other reason than I suffer with arthritis in my back, neck and wrists and not having to change gear might be more comfy for me ;-)

    • I've been riding scooters and motorbikes since a young teenager Al. Don't be fooled by the modern auto Vespa, it's a very responsive beast of a scooter mate, especially anything over the 125cc mark and even those have some poke to them. If you've a dodgy back, neck and wrist, be careful as you will find a massive difference to the Lambretta GP you had at sixteen. So do plenty of homework before you purchase and I am sure whatever you go for, you will enjoy. The freedom of the open road on two wheels on a sunny day is as fun as it gets ;0)  


  • I bought a Vespa GTS 2 years ago. I did this primarily because I wanted a scooter that I could use daily for commuting, as well as other things, and also one that I know could travel long distances with ease. Everywhere I go, I receive attention and praise from people who see it for what it is, a Vespa Scooter, ridden by a Mod.
    The only people who seem to offer negatives are those within the Mod or Scooter scene itself. Quite bizarre state of affairs really imho.
    My advice to the OP is buy what you want, and don't concern yourself with what others think. There'll always be some who can't do anything but criticise, but as the old saying goes, people in glass houses……
    Whatever you end up with ride safe, and for what it's worth I'll be happy to see another Mod on the Scooter scene.
  • Hate to say this Gary my old mate ;-P. I'm on here hoping someone will stick my scooter in the back of their van for Brighton. Too far for me to drive at my age and I'm not looking to pose, be a cardboard cutout or anything else. Just want to ride around Brighton on it :D
  • While like some others I love more vintage scooters you need to do your own thing and buy what suits you. As you get older and your bits stop working a twist and go is the way to go. For me it doesn't make you less of a mod or anything else. Being the fussy git that I am I looked at a wide range in scooters before I opted for my perfect one so have a look around and try and test them out, sit on them get a feel for them and maybe even have a go on it. Once you have it you may be stuck with it. Happy shopping
  • If the next Mod Rally Rideout was All Modern Scooters-would it be interesting and eye catching? Probably Not?  

    Some Mods travel a long distance=( Hundreds of Miles which would take days to get to on a Classic!)  to Mod events and it wouldn't be the same without a scooter for them( Me included) I have seen many Mods who travel from afar then Ride around all wknd and do the Rideout. That's fine by me, I have to do it ( Also take the Family!) due to living at the end of the Country!

  • The GTs or GTv are cool scoots without the hassle associated with Lammy's or vintage Vesp's, I say be progressive, go Modern Vespa (ironic that people who call themselves Mod's will only ride rolling antiques)....

    • It may also be ironic that those people wear gear that was first in vogue in the 60s, and listen to music from the 60s.

    • Hey lets not knock listening to sixties music I listen to it all the time but I think its more to do with being there at the time. Have any of you younger dudes heard Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Quite modern but in the old style, 

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