Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter

Ok even before you have read my post, the title of this discussion is already making the true mods and scooter boys foam at the mouth. I know it is sacrilege but for reasons that I won't go into I am looking to get my first ever scooter (at the age of 43) and it has to be an automatic,125 cc with around £3,000 budget. Primarily I'll be using it to commute short distance to work and for nipping out for a quick run around on sunny afternoons. So if you have got this far in reading this without the urge to track me down and publicly humiliate me I am looking for some advice. In an ideal world I would love a 60's Vespa GS as an automatic (those curvy sensual lines are just so alluring). Having scoured what's out there in terms of automatic scooters that still pay some homage to MOD styling (albeit some dodgy quality and brands) I have the following options :LML star 125Necco abruzzi 125Lambretta LN 125Vespa PX 125Ok I know the above list has probably made most of you laugh hysterically or want to send someone round to knock some sense in me, but at least I'm honest in my naivety. I have also come across a couple of websites that 'convert' PX's with replicas body kits of GS's and was wandering is that a better option.So there you have it...tell me what you think, your folks advice is truly respected and before I make a right tit of myself and buy something that will mean I will get laughed off the road by the scooter bourgeoisie, I am hoping you will point me in the right direction.

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  • Well it’s almost 4 years to the day since my original post so I thought it courteous to provide an update. After a few life changing experiences including redundancy, heart attack and marital status, I finally took the plunge and bought myself a scooter this summer. I decided in the end to get a LML 125 auto and retro fitted a Vespa GS bodykit by Tasso. Yes I know what the scooter Stasi are thinking but hey I’m happy with my choice. I’m not a speed merchant and admit to being a fair weather rider but it has exceeded my expectations in terms of the fun and joy I have riding it on those ‘Long Hot Summers’. I’ll post a pic of it as soon as I get it back from the garage after it was vandalised with permanent marker all over the leg shields! Thank you for all your contributions to this thread and your advice and good natured piss taking :) .....heres looking forward to my summer scootering! MOD forever.....

    • It was probably that Stasi that defaced your scooter. You should phone the East German government and have them look into it ha ha

    • The East German Schwalbe is said to have been a trustworthy moped! :-)

    • It actually looks better than the Honda one that is similar Kai.  I wonder if it is the same people who do the tyres.

  • No way man, wait and get a good scoot

    • Always has divided opinions Madison. Without trying to be too dismissive to those who like them, I would alwys go for a classic geared Vespa or Lambretta too.

    • As ever it's always a matter of opinion and taste Chris. What others think is none of my business, which by no means diminishes my thoughts ;0)

    • It is quite clear that most of us know exactly what we like or dislike Gary, and that applies to music and clothes as welll as transport. As ever there are no rights and wrongs in this this just different opinions. In this instance we have different likes and dislikes but that is no big deal as far as I am concerned. Just dont dare showing up here on that auto thing ha ha

    • That's blatantly dismissive Chris! Ha, ha. I know mate just pulling a bit of string. I can appretiate form, function and beauty in most things.

      Taking note of other peoples clarity and this being a forum as such. It would be good to get discussions with respectful and quality reasons for preferences, we just might learn something, rather than blunt unreasonable retorts. The ability to hold opposing thoughts in mind and still participate pro-actively in life, is the true mark of civility. Having said that we do have to be able to take the piss and have fun with others ;0p



    • Is the auto strong enough to pull a bit of string Gary ha ha.  Like yourself I think it is healthy to have a good debate now and then as you as it does not go too crazy. Like many things this one is very simple and is totally dependent on individual taste. We could probably discuss it forever and not change the differing opinions.

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